A cell phone monitoring software is used for keeping a track on your loved ones. It helps in ensuring their safety and wellness. A majority of the cell phone logiciel espion cover the basic features of keeping a track on the voice call, text messages, and the history of internet browsing. These are standard features that all spy software has to offer. Here are some of the other features of a cell phone monitoring system.


The geo-fencing is greatly valued by the employers and parents. It will enable you to set up a restricted area with the help of a Google Map. You can set up a boundary. If the device or the phone goes out of the specific area then you will receive an alert. You can receive the email in the form of an email or a message in the dashboard. This is one of the biggest selling features of the software to espionnage telephone.

Monitor the Messaging Apps

There are certain messaging apps that have become pretty popular among people, especially youngsters. The cell phone monitoring device can help you to keep a track on these apps. This feature proves to be useful if you are monitoring kids.

Call and Website Blocking

With the help of this software, you can create a list of phone numbers and block them. You can use this if you want to keep your child from contacting some undesirable peers. You can block the websites that have matured contents and are hence, inappropriate for kids. The employees can be kept from using the social networking sites on the company provided mobile phone. This will improve the performance of the employees.

With the help of this software, you can espionner un portable. However, before buying the software, it is important to check if it offers the feature that you require.