This episode game is just another instance of how Hollywood has influenced game makers in today’s world. The new Pocket Gems game is all about managing the life of popular actress and singer Demi Lovato. It is a comic-styled story where the players can make life decisions, perform, and watch the start climb the steps to stardom. As this is a new launch, there are not many people who have mastered its various features. Here is a guide to help you navigate the game better:

Tap In With the Rhythm

If you have used headphones while playing Demi Lovato Path to Fame then you must be aware that you can listen to some of her cool tunes while playing. There are some events in the game that might require you to tap with the rhythm of the music. Don’t worry, you can very well pass the stage even if you don’t but if you do it well, you may be rewarded with better bonuses later.

It Matters What You Decide

One of the major factors why most people are turned off to playing games where they need to choose is because they know it’s just an algorithm. However, this is not the case with Demi Lovato Path to Fame. Each choice that you make in the game will return different outcomes. The story may follow the same route but how you get there changes according to what you choose. There are three categories which are affected by your choices: friendship, fans, and love. You will have to make some difficult choices to become a superstar!

The game is such that you are rewarded for doing things right. However, there is no one way to do it right. In general, you must remember that a superstar will not be rewarded for sporting a mean look or behavior. You can also get free gems and passes if you play smart.